​Life Can Surprise You Sometimes

Life has a way of surprising us sometimes.

When I was in high school, my mother bought me a piano. I took lessons for almost two years. During these private lessons, I learned to read sheet music and keep time with a metronome.

Everything was going fine with my lessons until my instructor started pressuring me to participate in a recital. I am an introvert and being on a stage in front of people was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to learn to play the piano. I didn’t know how to say no, and my instructor kept pressuring me, so I quit my lessons.

This experience made me feel like a failure. For many years I was convinced that I was not musically inclined and that I wasn’t someone who could play an instrument. It wasn’t just because I quit, it was also because it was a lot of hard work. It didn’t come easy. I didn’t realize at the time that every musician has to work hard at their craft. I thought that for those who were really good, it came easy for them.

Because of these conclusions I came to, we sold the piano. However, we eventually bought a guitar. A friend spent some time with me teaching me a few chords. While it was fun playing with someone else, again, I didn’t think playing an instrument was something I could really accomplish. It was a lot of hard work. It seemed like a waste of time investing in something that was never meant to be for me.

Five years ago my husband expressed his life long interest in playing the drums. As I shared in my post, Sometimes Art Chooses You, the drums chose me. And now we play the drums together. And yes, it has been a great deal of hard work.

A few weeks ago, my husband told me that he was reading a music forum. A lot of people were asking what the best way is to learn to play the drums. And he said many people answered that learning to play the piano is one of the best ways to not only learn to play the drums, but any instrument.

While drum sheet music is very different than piano music, the foundation of understanding musical notes and keeping time, tempo, and rhythm are similar for all instruments. I was able to draw on the knowledge and experience I had from my piano lessons years ago to help me in learning to play the drums.

When my husband shared this with me, it made me realize for the first time that what I thought was a failure, was actually preparation for what was to come later on in my life. Some perceived failures can be disguised blessings. In the end, maybe nothing is ever wasted. I may never have continued on with my piano lessons, but the drums were probably always calling me. Sometimes life surprises us this way!


13 thoughts on “​Life Can Surprise You Sometimes

    1. Yes, Bethany! And I can’t help but think even the tragedies in life can be used for good. Not because of what evil people did to us, but inspite of it! Hopefully, we are doing a little of it here!

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  1. Great post! I once heard someone say ‘Failure is not our expected result – that is it.’ So those failures of long ago were not the expected result at that time – but look at you now! Have a Happy Sunday! 🙂

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  2. Oh those introverts! Pushing
    you into a public concert!
    You balk!
    I would have done the same
    thing. Actually I walked away
    from a nursing career, because
    someone thought I was careless.
    Too senitive to take any
    criticism. Still to this day
    am prickly. However, I do
    get my way, often with others

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