​Blinded To Abuse

For those who are blinded
to the pain and reality of abuse
it is easy to look at victims
through rose colored glasses

When joy is all around
they expect us to smile
and laugh
but never frown
immune to the heartache
that always has us bound

When they wonder
where all our joy went
it is evidence
they have no clue yet
what was done to us
how our hearts
have been crushed and bent

They want happiness for us
without us ever being heard
without ever being healed
without finding compassion
without any help
this makes our hearts just want to burst

They might as well
just ask us to stuff it deep
put a bandage on the wounds
so they don’t have to see
it makes us feel like we must
continue to hide all the secrets we keep

They might as well ask us to just pretend
so no one has to bear
what for us will not mend

Blindness to abuse
is as much an epidemic
as abuse itself
our sunshine and roses
were turned into heartache
and tears

Abuse filled our life with endless fears

Have they never felt pain
well there is no medicine
to cure this hurt
but love could go a long way
to help heal our souls
that have been burnt

When you are blind to abuse
it is easy to look the other way
to smile at the sun and have a nice day

Whatever it is that lets you live this way
this is what was stolen from us

If you could put into a bottle
whatever it is
that lets you smile each day
it would help to heal
all the wounds inflicted
where no one had to pay

For this is what was ripped from our soul
and there is no going back
it is what keeps us constantly
from feeling whole

It feels as though there is no escape

It must be nice
to be blind and never have to see
the truth that is ours
the pain we cannot flee

From where we stand
they seem to live in a fairy tale world
that for us doesn’t exist
not in our world
when life goes down like this

When someone strips away
your sense of self
and then the world
expects you to still be whole

it must be great to be blind to abuse

But it is a luxury not afforded to us
because we are not blind
we are dying inside trying to stop seeing
to stop feeling what they did
what for us there was no fleeing

We were just children left all alone
our bodies grew
but the pain never went away
to us it appears as though
too many hearts have turned to stone

It must be nice to be blind to abuse
to never quite know
what we have been through

Don’t you see
we wish the same for ourselves
but being blind to abuse
for us is never a possibility

We were hurt
we were burnt
our hearts were burst at the seam
we were despised and rejected
before we were old enough
to even have a dream!


17 thoughts on “​Blinded To Abuse

  1. ii don’t know which is more painful…reading every word and almost reliving it…or reading every word and knowing how true the message is about being blind. It’s so easy….so convenient….so normal.
    If only….if only..

    Liked by 2 people

        1. 🙂 It is uniquely you! It is not bad… it would be as though the world were colorless if we all thought the same. You keep life interesting! I appreciate you Laurel!


        2. Different is not bad… it is different! And that should not have a negative association. We all are different and we should be appreciated for our differences, not inspite of them. Thank you Laurel!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think we all do. It is hard to face what happened without love, support, and understanding. I think this is why it means so much to have someone get what happened to us, especially someone who gets it more than we do!


    1. I am with you! We are in a very difficult place because we wouldn’t wish this on anyone. And yet, empathy is the least we should be able to expect. And by the way, these are the same people whose lives literally fall a part at the slightest difficulty that comes their way! It is easy to say these things when you haven’t been through anything really tough in your life. The truth is, we have already been tough enough to survive. Now we need lots of love and support to heal! Thank you for sharing this!

      Liked by 1 person

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