If I could just walk
beside you once again

Be with you long enough
to see all that you hide

If we could just be together
share the weight
that separates our pain

I am trying to be courageous

Courageous enough to see
what has been locked up tight
inside of you and me

Too far away to touch or feel
too far away to know or see

I am trying to close this vast gap
all that creates the fear and anxiety
covered neatly behind this smile

I am trying to avoid the trap
of denying our reality

If I could just get close enough
and have you stay and never leave

If I could find you somewhere
along the way

If someday we could share
as one
our heart and soul

we could finally be whole!


14 thoughts on “Together

    1. I actually wrote two other similar poems. The other two are more self evident. Maybe this one has multiple meanings for me. I get to know myself and my feelings through my poetry. The mystery I guess is the nature of poetry. Thank you Colin!

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