​Like This

I always thought
if I called out to you
you would come and meet me

For I have always
felt you deeply

Now that I came
you pushed me away

What is this
cruel game you play?

I thought you wanted me
I thought you needed me near

Your fear
my fear
creates this vastness
that separates us

This grand canyon
so deep that holds our grief

The river runs swiftly
from the seemingly
endless emptying of our tears
that steadily flows

I can only feel you
far into the distance

I feel you falling
off of the cliff of our past

I thought you now needed me
to rescue you at last 

But no
your fear is too great
my fear too near

How do we pass over
this great abyss?

How do we ever find each other
once again like this?

How do we ever become
as one
like we used to be long ago
when we were so young?

How do we overcome
to be one in heart and soul?

How do we ever overcome
to once again become whole?

You are the part of me that I miss

How do we ever find each other
once again like this?


11 thoughts on “​Like This

  1. I think of myself as a little girl when I’ve read these. I feel this void as well and wonder if we can ever be connected as our entire being should. It is sad. I wonder too if I would learn more and gain more understanding from her if she would ever dare to come out.

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    1. This is such a struggle. I wrote these two poems and one more very close together after a therapy session where I felt the terror that caused us to separate… me to dissociate and lose my memories. It wasn’t what I was expecting to feel or what I thought it would be like. And then these poems came in processing this experience. I am sorry you share these same feelings. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Sorry for the late response, I just found this in my Pending folder. Thank you for letting me know about your post and for providing a link. I will definitely read it.


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