Our desert is empty
devoid of life
there are no cacti
no beautiful flowers
just parched land
as far as the eye can see

What once was lush
and green with life all around
is all dried up

Everything I see
is now just a mirage

A longing of my soul
from a lost past

The fields
where carefree and playfulness
used to roam
are no where to be found

They deserted reality

Left it all alone in the dust storms
that pass over what was already
parched and broken in need of water
of life

There is no turn around
no where to cross over
the agony

No turning back…

There must be a way
to build a bridge
to trust once again
to find wonder
and curiosity
to replace
this fear and anxiety

I will never stop looking
for you


Until we are
finally one and free

I will never stop looking
for you inside of me!


14 thoughts on “Never

    1. This is such a sad place to be. My heart goes out to you! I wrote these from a suggestion from Lucy (my therapist). She asked me to write about what is making me so afraid to move forward.

      I somehow lost you until today when a friend shared a link with me to your last post. I thought I was already following you and didn’t know why I wasn’t receiving your posts in my reader. I am glad we connected again!

      Liked by 1 person

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