My Husband’s Next Surgery

About five weeks ago my husband had surgery. At that time, it was determined that he needed to have another surgery in about six weeks.

A few weeks ago we visited the new surgeon and he was scheduled to have surgery again next Friday, September 9th. Originally we thought the surgery was going to be done laparoscopically. But after the surgeon examined him, he determined that he would need to open him up instead. And that my husband will need to be on disability for six weeks after the surgery.

My husband has been limited to only lifting less than ten pounds. He has been back to work and following these instructions. However, even with following these instructions, he has been experiencing pain fairly often.

Two days ago, he saw the surgeon again to discuss his continued pain. The doctor determined that he was not to go back to work and rescheduled his surgery for next Tuesday, September 6th. So, he is now off work on disability for the next seven weeks.

I am writing this post to update you on his condition and to let you know that my posts may continue to be sporadic over the next several weeks, depending on how he is doing and how well he recovers.

I will, however, try to keep up with your posts as I can!


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