Everything went well with my husband’s operation yesterday. We are home and trying to manage his pain and get some sleep.

I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. Both my husband and I appreciate it very much!

I hope you all are doing well! Again, thank you!


14 thoughts on “Update

    1. Thank you Laurel! We were both very stressed before the operation. We had emotionally prepared ourselves for it to happen on Friday. I did well yesterday until it was all over. It is so good to be home again. I am taking good care of him and he is good at making sure I take care of myself. Thank you for all your well wishes!

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    1. Thank you Roo! Yes so many things happened all at the same time. We were so stressed, not from thinking or worrying, but just because it was too much to keep up with emotionally! We are so grateful it all went well. Thank you for your kind words!

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    1. Thank you Terry! I look forward to catching up with your posts. My thoughts are with you as well. When I think about how stressful all this has been, I really can’t imagine how you and Gary are keeping it together.

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