She Endured


Abuse took her breath away
her memories disappeared
without tears
without screams
without even a reason why

She endured

Held captive by familiar hands
that should have protected

“Only strangers are monsters”
is what everybody said
but still

She endured

Abuse laid scars too deep
hidden underneath
her small frame

She endured

Loss came too soon…
abandonment followed
to take away her last hope for safety
but still

She endured

It never ended
the cycle of abuse continued on

Behind closed doors
love came with secret violence
her body grew
but abuse
was never through

It all took her by surprise
there was a ceremony
a ring and a promise
she dared to hope
but again
familiar hands
choked what life was left
until her soul withered
and just begged to die

With each threat of her life
more memories were forced to disappear…
to the place wherever lost dreams go

Her tears flowed inward
forced to hide
to cover all her fears

Until she was reduced to nothing
life hung only by a small thin thread
and yet

She endured

Silent and still in the face of cruelty
her spirit was crushed

No more room to place the pain
and soon she completely disappeared
her anguish overflowed
but against all odds

She endured

What should never have been
became the norm
and still yet

She endured

Now it is too hard
to even see it all as abuse
or wrong
it was her life
the way things always were
but somehow

She endured

You don’t need to deny her pain
she now does that all on her own

The minimizing
the cruelty
the dismissal
seems like cruel and unusual punishment
that after all she has already survived

It seems she must now still endure!


11 thoughts on “She Endured

  1. This is so hard to read. I’m so sorry. I see so much of my story wrapped up in yours. It doesn’t feel like it, I’m sure, but your strength is palpable. You have endured, with amazing power and grace you didn’t even know you had, I hope you know it’s there inside of you still today. You will continue to endure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sad for all that happened to you that makes you relate! Yes, I do know I have a determination to survive. It does get exhausting sometimes, however. As I am sure you can also relate to. Thank you S.K.!


  2. I have two questions for you: 1. May I please reblog this absolutely outstanding piece of poetry? and 2. May I include your blog on my list of community members seeking help/info on abuse and therapy abuse?

    You’re incredible with words! And it does matter to write. Not only for you, but for the rest of us who can read and understand ourselves a little better. Helps make sense of the chaos. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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