No More Hiding

When I met with A. this week, I told her that after meeting with her last week I read about depression and how it described what I have been dealing with for years. I told her how emotional it was to read. I feel so safe with her, I can't really even describe it. She is so connected to me and present. I feel like I have been longing my whole life to be seen, really seen. Without it, I don't think I could do this. And so I proceeded to tell her things that I have not been able to admit or say out loud regarding [...]



Her shoulders were so tiny when the first burden came a grown man placed it there it was his shame The burdens came one by one upon her tiny frame Stand up straight be quiet let me [...]


Sorrow took over when anguish cried fear just grew and grew inside All that I loved died in the night my hopes and dreams were out of sight Nobody cared or noticed that [...]

Having PTSD And Depression

When I arrived for my second appointment yesterday with A., the first thing she said to me was, "I want you to know that you do indeed have PTSD." She told me that while we already knew this, the diagnostic questionnaire I filled out the previous week also confirmed this. She went on to tell me [...]

A Tribute To The Soul

Like a double edged sword a poem cuts the soul wide open exposing its deep dark inner secrets that break the human spirit the ones that fear loves to choke like a vice squeezing tighter and tighter trying relentlessly to silence Words overflow as they wrestle in the soul like the dance of a tango each rhyme pushing nudging creating a [...]