Dissociation And Self Harming

I just discovered the following blog yesterday. I have been reading several of her posts last night and today.

They have opened up inside of me things I have a hard time acknowledging, things I keep secret. I didn’t have the full understanding of them and her posts helped me to face them in a way I have not been able to before. They allowed my emotions to pour out regarding these struggles I carry inside. They have to do with dissociation and self harming. There I said it! But that is the most I can do. I am filled with a tremendous amount of shame and fear surrounding this.

Because these are so hard for me to talk about or face on my own blog, I wanted to share a link to her blog in hopes that her openness in talking about these issues may also help someone else.




10 thoughts on “Dissociation And Self Harming

  1. It’s rough being so open and vulnerable. I have the same anxiety when I post really personal content on my own blog. I do have the luxury of being anonymous, which helps. But still, having the entire world read my deepest secrets is terrifying and healing at the same time. Good for you for letting it out!

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    1. My blog is also anonymous… and yes it is still very hard. Some things are still impossible to talk about. My husband has been waiting patiently and lovingly for me to be able to openly face these. He just told me that he did a great deal of reading about it years ago because there is nothing he could say to make it stop and has felt helpless. Reading helped him to realize that trying to get me to stop only escalated my anxiety. He told me he has been just trying to love me, knowing I would have to face this on my own. It has been hard for both of us. Thank you for your comment!

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      1. I know what you mean. I’m struggling with some of that, too. Some of it, I only recently realized I’ve been keeping secret and others I didn’t realize was abuse. I hope you feel safe to open up, soon! Stay strong!

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  2. I never knew I disassociated as much as I did until recently and I still don’t recognize when I do sometimes. Self harming comes in many forms. I have done it and have just recently realized what I was doing was just that. I have read some of this blog as well recently and it has been helpful to me as well. I hope we both can get to a place of greater safety to begin to open this part of ourselves up and face our own giants inside. It is so hard though.

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    1. It is hard to recognize these things in ourselves because we try so hard to hide them. I do have my husband who is always checking on me and asking me where I went. Sometimes he just touches my hand to bring me back to the present moment. I don’t know if I would be aware of either if it weren’t for him and his concern for me. Sometimes though, to be honest, I hate that he sees it at all. I have been able to admit these but it is much harder to face them. I don’t think I would have even posted this if it weren’t for my husband encouraging me to do so, hoping they will lose their power over me. I am glad you have found help on this blog as well. It is one thing to have all this pain inside, but even sadder to be so afraid of it. You are on a good path. A very difficult one. I can only encourage you to continue listening to your own instincts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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