Hopes And Dreams

She is nervous about making the appointment, but she does anyway. When she walks into her first session there is an immediate calm. Things go better than planned. The therapist is fully engaged and knowledgeable. She finds a place to finally explore and discover the missing pieces, the broken ones that cause all the confusion and disconnect. Together they walk a path that is excruciating, like a deep tissue massage. A necessary pain to find healing and a new way to think and feel and exist in the world.

There is no hurry, a safe place has been found. Nothing is rushed, it all comes naturally like the growth of a newly planted seed or the metamorphosis of a butterfly from its cocoon. It all happens in its own time, but it does happen. There is no turning back, no running. Just a peaceful healing path of self acceptance and growth.

Writing gets less scary and something more easily embraced. Like a soul set free and flying. There is no other truth to tell but her own. And her own it is, without asking permission or walking on eggshells wondering if the universe can handle or will embrace her creativity. It becomes as natural as breathing, as free as flying. And the best medicine for healing a lost and wounded soul that has found her space in the world. She moves about in the new rhythms she has learned to embrace.

She learns that not everyone will love her, not everyone will even like her. And that is okay! More importantly, she learns that many do and will love her just the way she is. Not for what she has to offer, but simply for who she is.

She learns that it is safe to be kind and generous. To be sweet and thoughtful. As long as she knows how and when to say no!

As her eyes open, she realizes it was just a dream… but at least it wasn’t a nightmare!


13 thoughts on “Hopes And Dreams

  1. This is such a beautiful dream, it brought tears to my eyes. I am thinking that every new reality must start with a dream so I hope with all my heart that this dream is a beginning for you and that you will have the life you choose.

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  2. You are very welcome. Reading back over this I think you already have some of this dream, you are maybe just not recognizing it. I see you as kind and generous, sweet and thoughtful, it is difficult to see ourselves as others see us.

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    1. Sometimes I am afraid being sweet and kind is what caused me to be abused in the first place. It would be nice to not have to be afraid to be kind. I am probably not alone in this. I get the feeling even you share these feelings. This was very sweet of you! Thank you!

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