Like A Tree


A poem is like a tree
each phrase
circling around the truth
like a ring on the trunk
of a freshly cut tree

Like a history book
filled with untold names and places
of deep dark secrets
resembling bark that has been stripped
off of a naked tree

The heart weeps its own sadness
grieves its own losses
mourns the death of its own youth
wails for the hope of its own future
as it clings desperately to life
like the deep, deep roots
of a very large old tree

For each poem is etched
with the wounds of one’s life
as well as the unspeakable
joy of one’s soul
like a tree shedding
its leaves in the fall

Just as a tree makes no sound on its own
without a breeze of the wind
so a poem has no emotions on its own
without the heart and soul of man

A poem is a sacred message
in need of no explanation
sometimes it just merely asks
the question why


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