A Tribute To The Soul


Like a double edged sword
a poem cuts the soul wide open
exposing its deep dark inner secrets
that break the human spirit
the ones that fear loves to choke
like a vice squeezing tighter and tighter
trying relentlessly to silence

Words overflow
as they wrestle in the soul
like the dance of a tango
each rhyme pushing
creating a friction
between line and verse
and then just as quickly
it withdraws
and pulls away
creating tension
within and without
like two dance partners
whose every move
captivates their audience

Only there is no cape
to cover the shame
so in riddles it mocks
the perils of life
as the soul digs deep
and deeper still
to release the pain
and anguish
like an escape artist
trying desperately
to remove its shackles
from within a locked cage

Sometimes in broken fragments
like burning hot coals
that have scorched a wounded soul
speaking, crying, screaming
a truth that longs to be
finally heard and understood

There is no revealing
of a souls history
without art

A poem sings in lyrics
to soften the blow from anguish
the mouth will not dare to utter
without fear
of sure and sudden rejection

Each phrase of a poem
digs deep into the soil of a mans soul
hoping against hope
its roots have not yet died too
and will not fail
as if each verse
were the last hope
as sorrow clings to life
and a chance to finally be set free

Like a tribute to the soul
the rhythm of each phrase
is like a melody grieving
for all that in this life
hangs as if by a thread


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