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Her shoulders were so tiny
when the first burden came
a grown man placed it there
it was his shame

The burdens came one by one
upon her tiny frame

Stand up straight
be quiet
let me fix that bow
on the back of your dress
you must be perfect
no flaws must ever show
keep it all inside
your secrets you must hide
and so her burdens grew

With the loss of her daddy
their was nowhere to go
no one would let her sadness come out
no tears were cried
no kind words offered
once again she had to hide
and so her burdens grew

The sadness she stuffed deep
stay here
be quiet
there is no place for you
and so her burdens grew

Abusive husband
babies lost
it was her cross to bear
unkindness for her sorrow
is all that she knew

Another betrayal
and on and on and on it went
a divorce
a rape
more losses yet to come
and so her burdens grew

They added the chain links
one by one
and placed the cage around her sorrow
then the lock without a key
and so her burdens grew

Everyone now wants to know why
why she cannot be happy
what happened to her joy

She alone
was keeper of the weight
keeper of the shame
while surrounded by hearts
made of stone

With each heartache
no compassion she received
no kindness to be found

She looked and looked
she always looked
to see in others eyes
if they would reflect back
the gravity of her pain
of all she had endured
but there were always just empty stares
there was never even a flinch
in their eyes
or a kind nod
just cruelty
and heartlessness
were all that she could find
and so her burdens grew

What more could be expected
what more could she do
she had no choice
but to hide her pain
from everyone she knew

Her anxiety just grew
and grew
and grew
panic became her friend
but it never showed
a smile she wore instead

Still everyone always wonders
why her poetry can’t be filled
with joy and happiness
in spite of all these sorrows

Too much is expected
without a helping hand
her soul has been crushed
she has had too many sorrows
but never enough love

Now with every hint of pressure
for happiness or joy to show
the burdens that she carries
continue to grow and grow


19 thoughts on “Burdens

  1. This is strong and sad and beautiful my lovely 💛 You’ve dug deep into the depths of your soul to write this I can tell. I feel your pain. It’s so unfair and wrong that you have these burdens to carry. I wish I could heal you-all I can do is hug you 💙💙💙 I’ve missed you blue sky X I hope you’re okay X

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The abuse harms us immeasurably. Having to hide it and having no comfort or support, worse yet dealing with cruelty from others, I think also adds to our suffering and pain immeasurably. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very powerful post – I feel I have no words that help in anyway except to write I am following you for a reason, your journey is important and I am here to go along with you – always supporting you in anyway I can.

    Liked by 1 person

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