Just Poetry

You used to like my poems You used to connect to my rhyme and verse You saw me as a poet It drew Your heart to me Maybe this shield I hide behind of rhyme and verse has somehow [...]


The Power Of Sorrow

It was in the fall, just a few days before Thanksgiving that we lost you. You were our hope and joy for the few months we anticipated your arrival into our lives before our hearts were unexpectedly crushed from losing you. Loss had no place in the joy and love we already felt for you. You filled up our lives before they suddenly felt so empty. In the fall of that year, as the leaves fell from the barren trees, my sorrow fell too into empty spaces without comfort or reprieve. Then Christmas came. And I was facing once again the loss of family. The pain too crushing, I could not breathe. I remember standing in my bedroom, looking at myself in the mirror. The reflection of [...]

What Just Happened?

Where does sorrow come from and where does it all hide? You can only drink so much, eat so much. And yet sorrow comes and comes, and it flows and flows, as if from an endless place somewhere between time and space. She was on assignment, in search of [...]