PTSD: Help For Self Regulating Emotions


The following is a link to a PDF file titled, Living Within The Window of Tolerance: The Different Zones of Arousal, that A. gave me last week. This may be helpful to many of you who struggle with triggers and panic attacks.

The first page illustrates the three arousal zones: Hyperarousal, Optimal Arousal, and Hypoarousal. With PTSD, we tend to live outside of the Optimal Arousal Zone (the middle zone), often fluctuating between the Hyperarousal and Hypoarousal Zones. The key is to train ourselves to be able to spend more time in the Optimal Zone.

The other pages are exercises to practice that will help with managing these episodes. There are several different exercises related to specific feelings and reactions to help you identify what you are experiencing and ways to manage them based on these reactions.


13 thoughts on “PTSD: Help For Self Regulating Emotions

    1. One of the purposes of this is to see that these difficult struggles are caused by trauma, and in that sense normal. And also to hopefully nurture more self compassion since we tend to be very hard on ourselves for our reactions to triggers and the panic that often follows. I am glad it was helpful to you!

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      1. I knew in my head that my situation was triggering but reading the information showed me that sometimes my reactions are normal but other times they are off the scale. I hope that maybe I can be kinder to myself at those times, as you say, it’s normal for us.

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  1. This was very interesting and eye opening to me. I’ve printed this to study it more and think about where I fall within these spectrums. I can say right now…totally numb. Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it.

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