Why Is It?


Why is it
so easy for us to hurt each other
to break each others heart?

It seems
when it comes to love
we are not very smart

Why is it
so hard for us
to sit with each other in our pain?

Why is it
so easy to look the other way
when with empathy
there is so much to gain?

Why is it
we have such a tendency
to say and do all the wrong things
at the wrong time
in our marriages
and as parents?

Why is it
that our instincts are to fix the pain we see
and not realize by doing so
we often injure the other person more?

It seems we can never
let someone’s feelings just be

Why is it
that we can’t let each other
feel our own pain?

It is not as though by using our words
there is anything to gain

Why is it
we can’t seem to keep our mouths shut
and let our hearts do the speaking
and just connect instead?

Especially when our words
only leave the other person’s heart
filled with dread

It seems we cannot see
when a heart is hanging by a thread

What comes out of our mouths
seems to only hurt
but never fix the pain

Loving often seems too much

Like we are just doing our chores
because our actions always
speak louder than our words

Why is it
we have to cause more harm
even when we are trying to do good?

As if we want others’ pain
to just go away
so that we don’t have to stay

Why is it
we so easily silence the pain in others
and then wonder why
they are not getting better?

When our words more often than not
startle the other person’s heart
like unexpected thunder

You don’t fix pain with words
you fix it with love
and connection
by making the other person
feel understood

We all need to take an oath
to first do no harm!

For when we try to use words
to heal hurt
more often than not
we just inflict more pain

Why is it
cruelty and thoughtlessness
come so easy for us?

But compassion
seems so terribly foreign

We know what we need
but we cannot seem to give

Sometimes it is enough
to make me just want to shout
from the bottom of my core:

Why is it
we can’t seem to figure out
what our heart is for!”


7 thoughts on “Why Is It?

    1. There is something about emotional pain that is very hard for us to deal with in each other. No one would expect someone who broke their legs to get up and walk. And yet with emotional pain, we always have expectations of someone. But I guess we don’t “love” a broken leg to heal either. Maybe we are just not trained enough in empathy. You would think as humans, our own pain and suffering would be the perfect teacher. But it doesn’t seem to work that way. It just is sad to me the painful and often lonely lives we live, when we have hearts to love with that could change everything. Being inadequate and helpless as humans is killing us all. This was more like a wake up call… or just frustration from my experiences and observations. Thank you for your thoughts!

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