If I Was Without This Pain


If I was without this pain
I would dance in the rain
I would sing without tears
I would dance without fears
I would smile more
and cry less

If I was without this pain
there would be so much to gain
I would move like I could fly
I would dream and always try
I would walk like I was on air
Life would seem fair
I would be braver
and feel more secure

If I was without this pain
I would feel like I was sane
I would know what it means
to have peace
and others would understand
so much better at least
I would feel like those I meet
were more like friends
than foes

If I was without this pain
I would not feel
as though I was going
nowhere on a train
life would not feel
like a merry-go-round
I would make others happy
I would not feel questioned
or be filled with shame
I would live my life
without always being
somewhere else

If I was without this pain
maybe everyone
would like me more
I would not have been abused
I would be comfortable
and not feel used

My heart would not hurt
I would not scream
and cry
because I have been burnt

People would not be afraid
of the pain in my heart
or the tears in my eyes

They would not walk
the other way

I would not
have to feel all alone
inside this shell
hiding my pain
from you!


12 thoughts on “If I Was Without This Pain

  1. I wish for you that you didn’t have this pain too. But your lovely comments and encouragement on my blog mean the world to me and especially because you have this pain and I know that you can understand my pain.
    Maybe one day you can sing and dance and be free even though you once had this pain….

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