They Say


They say
tomorrow will be better
that life always goes on
tomorrow the sun will shine again

They say
look on the bright side
things could be so much worse
tomorrow will be a new day

They say
you can always start over
cheer up
be happy
it cannot be all that bad
things always get better

They say
no matter what happened
life should not be this way

They say
you could do better
think differently
look ahead to the future
you have your whole life ahead of you

They say
it is all over now
the past is gone

They say
don’t cry
be happy anyway
brush those tears from your eyes
today is a brand new day
tomorrow is full of possibilities

They say
just think happy thoughts
and your fears will go away

But they were not there
they did not see
they did not feel
my soul break
inside of me

They do not know
all that happened
they cannot feel
the heartache and pain
that clings to my fears
and did not heal

Do they really think
it could be true
that it all could be wiped away
so easily just because
they say?


11 thoughts on “They Say

    1. I guess it depends on what those words are. “I care, I am here for you, I am sorry you are struggling…” Yes, some words can help. When you are fighting depression and the pain of abuse and are already hard on yourself, some words hurt and make you feel more alone and misunderstood. I am aware that this is not easy, but it does have a huge impact.

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