Just Poetry


You used to like my poems
You used to connect
to my rhyme and verse
You saw me as a poet
it drew Your heart to me

Maybe this shield I hide behind
of rhyme and verse
has somehow minimized for You
my pain that has not healed

Maybe You got caught up in the art
and can no longer see my soul
somehow I got lost in the words
that You read
until You forgot it was me

Somewhere along the way
You stopped seeing my pain
and instead
now all that You seem to see
are just empty words on a page

You used to see me
You used to see my heart
now I have become invisible
and hurt

It is as though
You no longer see
a single tear
of my hearts cry
now I feel all alone
with this fear

You don’t understand
I don’t try to write poems
I don’t try to write rhyme
I don’t even try to be a poet

I write pain

That just happens to spill out
from inside of me
onto the page as poetry

You used to like my poems
You used to connect
to my rhyme and verse
You saw me as a poet
it drew Your heart to me

But instead of seeing me
it seems that now
all that You see
is just poetry!


22 thoughts on “Just Poetry

    1. I am sad, very sad. I think I have been sad my whole life, while trying hard to never let it show. It can become exhausting. You can probably relate to this. I think the fact that no one ever let us be sad has not been very good for us. Expressing sadness is as important as expressing joy. We just don’t live in a culture that values both or sees the importance of both. We seem to embrace joy, but are often afraid of the sadness in others. Thank you!

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      1. And people tend to tire quickly of someone else’s sadness. My counselor told me one time that I don’t have to be happy to be liked. That seems to be contrary to not only what I was taught growing up but also what we learn in church. And you are right, keeping the sadness at bay in front of others is deeply exhausting. Its good you’re recognize this in yourself and hopefully can allow yourself an open-ending time to rest in that sadness. It is so important to allow all that to come out.

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  1. I don’t like when sadness is interpreted as being stuck…like we are only allowed to be sad about something one time, and then we are supposed to move on and forget. Sometimes sadness takes longer to come out…and there may be layers to the sadness…so it may be a layered process of sadness…taking time to empty itself from your soul or heart or insides or whatever. When I write, it just comes out. Sometimes when I finish and go back and read, I surprise myself at what was released. Your poetry is beautiful in it;s pain. It is you.

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    1. Yes, sadness is definitely layered. I think having to keep sadness inside and locked up for years only compounds the problem. It needs to come out. Keeping it inside is what creates so much dysfunctional behavior. If we can’t be free to express it, we become prisoners to it. It seems either way, we are misunderstood. I don’t know how long it takes to express a lifetime of sorrow. Thank you S.K.!

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  2. I write about my own pain and experiences frequently in my poetry as well. I get where you’re coming from in this piece. I think you may appreciate some of my poetry on my blog in the same way I appreciate yours. Again, great work!

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