Without A Clue


Tears fall endlessly
from the broken blue sky
every dream vanished in the storm
as they were kissed by the wind

Pain left invisible
like a shield
between the heartache and smiles

If you don’t see the tears
feel the pain
hear the screams in the light of day
or in the dark of night
tell me
what is the crime
the breaking of a spirit
or those who never see?

Tell me
If you are broken
should you never cry?

What do you expect from me?

Sorrow sinks deeply into the grief

One by one
each dead leaf falls
from the once vibrant tree
all their beautiful colors
fade away
they crack and crumble
withering into dust

Nighttime came too soon
without the stars or the moon
dark and cold
even though it was still noon

What anguish to believe
that it was just a nightmare
only to discover
that you never slept at all
locked up in this cage
of empty dreams

Their arms
they never hold you
their hands
no gentle touch
words pierce
their reactions break the soul

Alone in this darkness

Love is empty
what appeared kind yesterday
today is cruel
heartache and fear
flow through the endless tears

There is no way to reconcile
the cruelty
the loss
in a whole world gone astray

“Love me”
“Trust me”
“Be my friend”
disguised with betrayal
and blood in the end

It is a horrific fate
to become the sacrifice
for such sins

Even as a child
no one would ever stay
they always left
or sent me away
pain and fear
that still torment

Innocence lost
“Don’t be afraid” they now say
without a clue
of all the trauma and heartache
without a clue
of all those who walked away
of all those who would not stay

Without a clue
of all the pain
that filled every yesterday
and now suffocates me today


14 thoughts on “Without A Clue

  1. Blue,
    you have such a gift describing your situation with just a few words through your poetry. This is amazing me again and again. With respect to its content I hope for a change and for positive experiences entering your life, so there is something beginning to counterbalance all this sadness in you. It is sad to experience, how dark this world is for you and how tremendously difficult it is for you to loosen the tight grip it has on you. I am wishing you good year 2017. I am wishing you to experience the liberating effects love without fear.

    Liked by 2 people

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