A Stranger


Be cautious of strangers
is what they always said
don’t talk to them
run the other way

But no stranger ever hurt me
it was always those I knew
those who said they loved me
who asked me to trust them too

After harming me
they all pretended
nothing ever happened
my scars they could not see

Be cautious of strangers
is what they always said
so I never had a clue
to be afraid of those I knew

My heart they broke
I was abandoned and abused
my spirit crushed
my life was silenced
like an object
I was used

It was strangers
who were kinder
than everyone I knew

Strangers never noticed either
they didn’t help or rescue me
but it wasn’t strangers hands
that broke me

Be cautious of strangers
is what they always said
I never knew that in the end
my past, my life
would make me the stranger

Not just to those I know
and love
but now a stranger
I feel inside

I have become a stranger to myself
and everyone around me

Unknown and lost

I have become a stranger
without a sense of self


15 thoughts on “A Stranger

  1. This touches me very deeply. It was almost like I lost my breath, I could relate so much. Strangers don’t know to rescue I think sometimes because we are so good at hiding our pain. Although, when I look at some of my tendencies or reactions to things in the past that were triggers, I wonder HOW could they not see and help me? I feel invisible sometimes…which ties into feeling like I myself am the stranger, like you described. We never expect the ones we know to be the ones who will hurt us the most. It makes it so much more painful when it happens, as you know. So much depth in here for me. Thank you for sharing your feelings in this poem.

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    1. This is why it is so hard to ever feel truly loved. And for loving others to be so painful and scary. Feeling invisible is how I have always described my childhood and my life. I think these are all feelings we share with so many others… too many others! I am sorry for your sadness and pain. It does mean a lot to know someone else does understand these feelings. Hugs!

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