They Think They Know


I read several articles in a journal that were all negative toward anti depressants. They promoted natural remedies and exercise that they said were better than anti depressants. They made me question myself, my struggle, and whether I should take the medication or whether I should continue this struggle looking for an alternative.

If sheer will could have saved me, I would have been well a long time ago.

I spent years trying natural remedies. I am sure they did help me some. But in the end I was still left with this torture of sadness and crying and unable to function or enjoy life.

All this talk of trashing medication made me so afraid. I struggled and agonized over whether to take the medication or continue trying to be strong
while barely living a life with any lasting quality.

I took the medication and now I am angry at all those articles I read, and the headlines on the covers of magazines I see in stores.

I don’t think they know the difference between being depressed and depression. Someone who is depressed may find help in natural ways through exercise and supplements. But depression is a darkness, with a crippling overwhelming grip that paralyzes and keeps you from being able to function.

Depression doesn’t let you take care of your most basic needs. It renders you helpless and unable to exercise.

I wish they differentiated between feeling depressed and depression. It makes me wonder how many people like myself read these articles and
headlines and don’t get help. Medication has its place. It can be life saving to someone with depression.

It gave me some relief within a very short period of time. I didn’t know my life could be any different than what I have known for so long.

I have a chance to live, to be without the constant pain and suffering that was suffocating me. The pain and fear that overwhelmed me was stealing my life.

Medication has its place. It lifted the veil that would not let me see a future. I am grateful for what I already am experiencing inside of me. We accept pain medication for physical pain. Anti depressants can give relief for emotional pain and a reprieve from the constant torment of depression.

It doesn’t make you numb. It doesn’t take the pain away. But it does let you live without being constantly tormented by the pain. My emotions still rise up inside of me at times, especially when I go to therapy. I don’t know what it will be like once I start dealing with my past. But the medication does let me live without constantly feeling sad and distant and as though I don’t belong here. And for that I am very grateful.


34 thoughts on “They Think They Know

  1. I have taken antidepressants on and off throughout my adult life. I take antidepressant medication now. If antidepressants are helpful to you, don’t be dissuaded by the words of a journal article.
    For me, antidepressants are a necessary part of my life. I try to stay away from articles that say you can cure your depression with exercise, etc. It hasn’t worked for me..if it works for someone else though, great.
    Best wishes to you and your journey with depression.

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    1. I do think that exercise and other alternative remedies probably can help those who are mildly depressed. I do think it is irresponsible to say these things can help those who are severely depressed. It is very misleading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you the best in your journey as well!

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  2. Word! Please, please world… let us decide. We are the ones living with it every minute of every day. Thank you for posting this, I want to scream it to the world! I have medication resistant depression so finding something that gives me even the slightest bit of relief is worth everything. I manage to go for periods of time without medication but am so thankful for the times that I need it. I just started back on medication today. Anxiety and depression have been building and building over the last few weeks, with all of the turmoil happening out there… I just can’t take all that on and survive. Stay strong, do what works for you. Peace and love ❤

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  3. I’m pretty certain none of us would take these meds if we didn’t need them. We don’t take them to be part of the cool group lol…we take them because we really do need them. I wish myself people would start to understand that.

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    1. Yes, this in no way is what we imagined for ourselves. And it is a frightening decision to make. For some reason many in the alternative medicine world don’t know that sometimes medicine is necessary and life changing, especially when it comes to mental illness. We need a lot of support just to make choices that are necessary for healing. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

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  4. Just to know the veil has risen is so exciting. I am just thrilled for you. I agree. Those articles and people pushing for alternatives. Don’t they know we have tried everything. For some of us, those articles let us suffer years, lifetimes, because it caused fear. When all it would have taken was the right medication to help us feel like we could go on living, we could have hope. It is as necessary as an antibiotic for a kidney infection. I am just so glad you have found something that has helped.

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  5. I couldn’t have worded it better. Well said, and well done for voicing what many people have experienced and felt. The misinformation about anti-depressants can results in waiting far too long for treatment, which can worsen the situation. It can also lead to fear, guilt and shame in the person taking it. (As if they don’t have enough on their plate already.) Like you said, medication has it’s place, and it is often is a distinguishing factor between feeling depressed and living with depression. Thanks for being brave enough to share your insights. A lot of people can relate but misinformation can be very silencing. ❤ 🙂

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    1. After this experience, I was concerned that many people could be suffering unnecessarily. I don’t dwell on it, but I am very saddened to know I could have received help years ago. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your encouragement!

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      1. It really spoke to me and you’ve done a good thing by sharing your experience! 🙂 I hope you’re having a great Friday! I had piano last night and things are moving along…slowly, hahaha!

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        1. Playing an instrument is not a sprint. But all the hard work does pay off. We just make it look easy ; ) I am glad to here you are coming along with your piano lessons! Good for you! Thank you!

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        2. Thanks so much, it’s good to hear that in time things will come together. I have noticed that reading music is getting easier and my hand strength is coming along. It’s fun! I’m definitely going to stick with it. 🙂

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  6. When you said “the medication does let me live”, I thought yes, that is what anti-depressants do for me. You are right, they don’t take away the pain or sadness but they do help you get out of bed, eat, and take care basic needs. I waited 30+ years before I could take care of myself by taking these meds. My only regret is not taking them sooner. I am so glad you are able to start “”living” now.

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    1. It is my regret as well that I waited so long. Without my therapist though I wouldn’t have even known what was wrong with me because everything became so normal and I hid it so well. Thank you for sharing your experience and for your kindness!

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  7. So much love and support in these comments! Blue Sky, I love the sentence ” lifted the veil that would not let me see a future.” That is such an important statement. I know there are people out there that think we just need to shift our thinking or go outside, blah, blah, blah. Or that anti-depressants will make us numb and take a way all of our feelings. Not true!! Medication give us what so many others just take for granted, free will. Medication let’s us see, gives us that boost we need in order to see purpose, energy to go outside, strength to call a friend. Thanks for writing such an insightful post and I hope the veil has lifted for you, even if it’s just enough to get a peek at what’s out there for you. Sending you my love ❤

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    1. This is all so new to me. Yes, the medication is helping me. It is quite an adjustment. Just the relief from not feeling so incredibly sad all the time and not crying every day is amazing. I am very grateful! Thank you for all of your kind words!

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        1. Please don’t question your timing… It’s an extremely difficult decision to make. Pat yourself on the back for being strong enough to go so long without medication and give yourself just as much credit for recognizing that it is ok to take meds. You deserve the break from such hard work! Peace and love to you ❤

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  8. Love this blog!! I was living with chronic depression and before I had taken medication, due to the negative bias towards anti-depressants, I had tried near everything natural including but not limited to Essential Oils and meditation. Although it took me 2 different kinds of anti-depressants before I found one that was suitable for my needs, I am currently on one now that has completely been nothing but beneficial to my mental health. It has also helped my sleep-apnea as well… Your advice/experience is very well stated here.

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    1. Trying natural remedies for years kept me from even considering medication. Even when I knew I needed to take medication, it was an agonizing decision. Now looking back, it seems irresponsible for those who promote natural ways to deal with depression to not differentiate between minor depression (which these may help) and those with severe depression that need medication. It makes me wonder how many countless others severely suffer unnecessarily like I have for years. And possibly many who never get the help they need. Thank you for sharing your experience and for your kindness!

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