It Is Complex

I have been struggling a lot with returning to my blog. I am overwhelmed with the complexity of depression and trauma. I am dismayed at the lack of knowledge among professional articles that I read. And if the professionals can't get it right, how can I expect the rest of society to get it right. With everything that I share here, I in no way want to diminish [...]



The following post was written for Valentines Day, but it is a perfect message for any day.

Heartstring Eulogies

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air (I know, cue the eye rolls). So, I thought I’d share some thoughts about how to appreciate your creative loved ones.

There’s a movie called Phenomenon with a very important message that I think everyone should know. It’s about love, winning the heart of the one you want, and keeping it.

In the movie, the object of the main character’s affection builds chairs. These things are built from twigs of varying sizes. No one buys them, except our hero. And he buys every single one she makes.

In simple terms, he wins her heart because he bought her chairs.

It is that simple.

She created something with her hands. Put her heart and soul into it.

And he bought them.

It didn’t matter if they were comfortable or aesthetically pleasing. They were hers.

People don’t realize how much appreciation…

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