“Inner Balance”

heartmathSince anti depressants do not help with triggers and panic attacks associated with CPTSD, my therapist recommended a tool from a company called HeartMath. “It is based on Heart Rate Variability: An Indicator of Self-Regulatory Capacity, Autonomic Function and Health.”

The product I am using is: Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor For iPhone and Android, Item #: 6450. The following is a link to the product:

http://store.heartmath.com/innerbalance (scroll halfway down the page for pricing)

Once you buy the product, you download the Inner Balance app and it connects to your smartphone through bluetooth. You place a comfortable clip on your ear lobe and practice breathing at the indicated pace while thinking of a pleasant memory. It is simple to use and gives you feedback in real time.

While this product is good for those with PTSD, it is also helpful to others interested in their health and fitness:

From their website:
“Autonomic imbalances have been implicated in a wide variety of pathologies, including depression, fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease and environmental sensitivity. Stress and emotional states have been shown to dramatically affect autonomic function. Self-regulation techniques, which enable individuals to gain greater control of their mental and emotional stress and improve their autonomic functioning, can significantly affect a wide variety of disorders in which autonomic imbalance plays a role. The AAR (Autonomic Assessment Report) analysis is highly useful for the quantitative demonstration of the effects of HeartMath interventions in restoring healthy autonomic function in many patients who have been able to significantly improve their symptomatology and psychological well-being through practice of these techniques.”

The company also provides a noninvasive diagnostic tool for health care professionals as well:

“The Autonomic Assessment Report, (AAR), developed by the HeartMath Research Center, provides physicians, researchers and mental health-care professionals with a diagnostic tool to detect abnormalities and imbalances in the autonomic nervous system and predict those at increased risk of developing various pathologies often before symptoms become manifest. The HeartMath Research Center provides this analysis service to physicians and medical institutions throughout the U.S. and abroad.”

The following two links are articles that help to explain the product for individuals and health care professionals:



This has very much opened up my eyes to how much our thoughts impact our physical body.

I hope this is helpful!


19 thoughts on ““Inner Balance”

  1. I have this and glad you posted about it. I forgot about it but remember that it was useful for helping me gain control of my heart rate and focus on positive thoughts, calming thoughts. It’s a great tool for helping to increase and strengthen new, more positive connections in wiring in our brains. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you find it helpful!

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    1. Yes, it can help to heal our brains. And get our heart and brain to be in sync with each other, which is a big problem with PTSD. It certainly demonstrates the power our emotions have on our physical body. We just need to use it often! Thank you!

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      1. LOL – yes, that’s my problem… It only works if I use it! Have you ever heard of or used an Alpha Stim? You place small electrodes on your ear lobes and it sends a bit of an electric signal into your brain. I use that and it helps me with both emotional issues and pain.

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    1. My therapist said that it can actually heal our brain. And help our heart and brain to be on the same page. All of this is a problem with PTSD. I have only been using it for a few days. That is incredible that you just tried it yesterday!


  2. I have been using the Heatmath device for iPhone since last October. I’ve been using it in conjunction with my twice-daily meditation. The immediate feedback gives me insight as to when and what thoughts are taking me away. I am able to “nip it in the bud”so to speak. When I am able to maintain “high coherance”for a while, I find it a very comfortable place to be. I sincerely hope you find it to have value!

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    1. I love the immediate feedback. I do struggle to get to and stay in “high coherence.” It has been a huge eye opener for how much our thoughts effect our body. With practice, I do believe it will be very helpful. I read an article about the vagus nerve which helped me to better understand the importance of breathing correctly. My therapist has been using it for years, and she is the most grounded person I have ever met. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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