More Information On Gaslighting

Oceans and Puddles

Several people responded to my last blog post, Gaslighting. Some people learned about this for the first time, and a few related to it. I wanted to share a few more links that were helpful to me on this subject:

Why Gaslighters Accuse You of Gaslighting:

10 Signs You Are In a Relationship with a Narcissist:

8 More Signs You’re With a Narcissist:

So You’re In a Relationship with a Narcissist, Now What?:

When psychopaths and narcissists are unrelated to you, it is easier to cut them out of your life completely. When they are your husband, wife, children, or someone you love and trust, it is more difficult. And the pain can be deep and potentially never go away. The effects can shatter your life and leave you empty and cut so deeply that it leaves a gashing wound that seems to never heal.

Learning about psychopaths and narcissists is so important for all of us, not just those who have been affected by them. Then it is too late. This is information that everyone who has ever been wounded by them wished they had known BEFORE it all happened. So, I hope this information can help those who have already been abused by such people. And help many to never have to.


7 thoughts on “More Information On Gaslighting

  1. Glad you are shedding more light on this subject. My ex was a narcissist and the ongoing abuse and trauma that were inflicted upon me and my children left deep and lasting scars. It is at the very root of all my mental health issues and has taken me years to overcome the damage. And I’m still fighting it. It’s very important to be able to recognize when someone is dealing with a narcissist, because the effects are so complicated and it can help direct the healing process. Thanks for speaking about this. ❤

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    1. I have narcissists in my immediate family; my ex-husband is a psychopath, I have other psychopaths and narcissists in my life that I will not mention. My life has been devastated by these people. I have been around them my whole life. I just found out about the effects of such abuse and I am starting to at least make sense out of my reactions that have always left me and my husband confused. I sent two articles to my therapist. And we will begin the process of sorting this out at my next appointment. As you know, this impacts every aspect of your life. And it feels as though you are never truly free of them when they are family.

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      1. I definitely understand. It took me a long time to sort through all of the effects of narcissistic abuse. It’s so confusing, they make it confusing and complicated. It’s different from healing from other types or sources of mental health issues (not to imply that healing from any mental health issue is easy). I agree too, that you never feel free from them. Best wishes for healing and peace ❤

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