They Are Among Us

I have been immersing myself in reading a lot of information regarding narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. I understand how my childhood and past abuse set me up for these people to be in my life. I don’t know if I have ever had a time throughout my past where I have not had such people in my life, up to and including the present. My story is not one of being affected by one of these individuals, but of a life that has been shaped by them.

I want it all to stop! I need to understand what it is about me and the conditioning of my life that has allowed these people to prey on everything that is good about me. I want it to stop. I NEED to understand myself and stop allowing my capacity for compassion and empathy to be used and abused by such people. I need to change a lifetime of conditioning, manipulation, gaslighting, and abuse and the ways they have affected me. I don’t want this to be my future. I have been filled with so much fear that I can’t trust people or life… not without a tremendous amount of fear, triggers, and turmoil. 

I have no memory of huge parts of my life… the worst parts… which equals most of my life! I am living without integral parts of my memories. That might sound wonderful because they were obviously too painful to keep. However, I am not just talking about my childhood, but much of my adult life too. I live with the pain behind those lost memories, the triggers and fear and panic at times without anything to attach them to. Therefore, I have spent my life filled with humiliation and shame over the pain and feelings that linger inside of me. I live trying to appear as perfectly fine and composed as I can… I have lived feeling ALONE! 

I came across Dr. George Simon. He has dedicated his life to this subject and helping those harmed by such individuals. He has several websites with endless short articles that are extremely helpful for anyone living and breathing. He has written several books, which are mentioned in the interview below. 

In many ways, his work is a wake up call for us all! I wanted to share a glimpse of his work here. It is timely for each one of us as individuals and professionals alike. 

Interview With Dr. George Simon –
On Disordered People Including Narcissists And Sociopaths:
(The following four videos are only around ten minutes each)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The following is a different interview presented in one video:

Understanding And Dealing With Manipulative People –
Dr. George Simon Interview


15 thoughts on “They Are Among Us

  1. I teared up and my heart started pounding when I read this. I posted about very similar things yesterday but from a different perspective. I have those memory gaps too, childhood and adult. I too was set up and still have these people in my life. I’m afraid to move forward because I’m afraid I will be used again! How can I even trust?! How do I know I won’t be used or miss the signs and walk into a trap? It’s frightening and I want understanding of them AND of me, just like you! Especially to understand me! I want to know who I am and why, and then learn and grow and thrive. I have the book “In Sheep’s Clothing” (referenced in the first video). I haven’t read it yet, but I am planning on it. I am looking forward to watching these videos. Thank you for sharing what you have found helpful. I’m sure it is timely for me to hear based on my reaction to what you wrote. I feel so much pain for you and what you describe. It’s so awful. But I think the research you are doing is very good. Researching has helped me a lot in this journey. I’ve been thinking about you. ❤

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    1. Yes, I do think we need to gain understanding of ourselves and the signs to look for in others. And we need to learn how to trust our own instincts. I am sorry for all that you are going through. And I do think of you often as well! Hugs!!!

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  2. they usually pray on the goodness and innocence of people and they spot that right away and zero in on that person. It is not that you attract them it is that they are opportunist and like to pray on people. Some of them are so good you don’t even know and you admire. They the psychopaths and sociopaths have no conscience therefore mimic the emotions of love and other emotion and master these. Sad so many people get taken in. They estimate that most people in positions of real power are psychopaths or sociopaths

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    1. Yes, I have read the same thing! We all need to protect ourselves. And keep our compassion for those who actually have a conscious. Because many of them are hard to detect, we need to listen to our gut instincts no matter how kind of an image they present. One thing I do know, something always eventually feels “off” with this type of person. Unfortunately, we often end up questioning ourselves instead of them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  3. Great post. I think that people can smell people like you and me in the air like blood hounds. All my life I have attracted the same people and been used. All the friends I ever had lived with me and took my money. My controlling ex recently left me and I have got self esteem for the first time in my life. Now that I have a strong image of myself the people who are in my life a few people actually people who respect me. I am glad you are finding something helpful and understanding to your experiences. You sound very insightful and sensible. All the best to you, Amy x

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    1. All four of his books will be very helpful to you. This book will give you clarity and help you to recognize these individuals and break the pull they have on you that causes you to continually be manipulated by them.

      I am sorry for all that you have been through. I hope you find the much needed clarity and help you need from Dr. Simon’s work.

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  4. Your posts are tremendously helpful. Until 18 months ago, I had never encountered a true narcissist. I say “I danced with the devil and lived to tell about it.” I try to educate anyone I can. Once my eyes were opened, it was like seeing a whole new world.

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    1. Yes, I wish I had educated myself a long time ago. I did try, but it wasn’t until recently that I came across the right kind of information that was very helpful for me. I am sorry for what you have gone through. I think it is very hard to understand the depth of damage they do unless you have been their target. Thank you for sharing and for your kind words.

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