What Good Is


What good is
love without actions

What good is
imagination without a vision
a soul without a conscience
a hand without a gentle touch
a thought without kindness

What good is
art without purity
a brain without a sense of right and wrong
a voice without understanding
honesty without empathy

What good is
commitment without respect
humanity without morality
a heart without love
intelligence without wisdom

What good is
love without commitment

What good is
hope without faith
religion without integrity
society without family
a leader without humility

What good is
wealth without connection
things without a sense of belonging
hope without a future
talking without listening

What good is
a law without justice
friendship without loyalty
a human without knowing one’s self
victory at the expense of someone else

What good is
life without love


28 thoughts on “What Good Is

  1. Just wondering about this line: “a soul without a conscious” … whether you mean “a soul without a conscience”? I apologize for meddling… thank you for the poem … TS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… you made me smile! I worked too hard on the structure instead of editing. This was a good experience for me… it doesn’t always need to be perfect. Especially with friends like you who will help me out! I appreciate it. I did correct it! Thank you again, that was sweet!

      Liked by 1 person

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