Please Try To Understand


The following is not meant in any way to diminish anyone else or their experience. It is to validate mine. I wrote this to try to figure out the pain and anguish behind a constant trigger and emotional flashback that I experience.

Triggers and emotional flashbacks are complicated. They are often not about anyone in the present being deliberately unkind. They can occur from what we perceive on an emotional level… something that triggers a past experience. The following is my internal turmoil and emotions from this particular ongoing trigger. I use “you” not necessarily in the present tense. These deep feelings come from others in my past that harmed me psychologically and physically that create these feelings now in the present. These are my internal emotions and struggle. If I had cried out for help in my life, I would have been laughed at. I felt very alone and trapped in my life with my trauma. And still do today.

* * *

Whenever I feel as though my trauma is being minimized or compared to someone else, I get triggered and experience an emotional flashback. Unfortunately, this happens often. Whenever it does, I become filled with shame and frustration with myself over the emotional anguish and pain that I feel inside.

I don’t know if some of what causes me so much pain is that many women have evidence of what happened to them, the anguish they suffer. My sister had evidence of what happened to her. Women who are alcoholics, or drug addicts, or prostitutes, or tried to commit suicide have evidence of what happened to them.

The abortion my sister had, the baby she had, were both evidence that what happened to her was real. There are interventions, and clinics, and help for alcoholics and drug addicts for the pain they suffer. Their addictions are evidence of what happened to them.

I get that the logical conclusion for someone looking in from the outside is that somehow their suffering was greater. I don’t diminish any of it. They numbed the pain I live with in a way that allows others to validate them, to view the tragedy of what happened to them as severe.

They have the evidence others need to understand the severity of their trauma, something I don’t have. The fact that they do all of these things to numb the pain is not an indication of them suffering more. In many ways what they did was a cry out for help. Something I could not do. No one would have noticed anyway.

I am not saying they got to escape the pain, they really only prolonged the time until they would be forced to face it. I get that.

There are many ways to numb the pain. One way is to dissociate. I lived years of my life doing that. I still do it today. I put it off too until I couldn’t any longer, until it finally had me. I get that the prolonging of our pain doesn’t make it better. I get that it actually makes it worse. I get it. I am living it. But this too has no evidence for me that you can see.

I lived my life feeling invisible. These feelings make me feel invisible now.

There are many ways to not be present in your own life. Not all of them are visible. There are many we hide.

There is something in me that feels so misunderstood and alone. I feel as though I have fought with a bear and got shredded… as though I have lived inside of a lion’s den and was tortured every day. I went into captivity to hide my wounds… and no one sees or knows… I have no outward scars… they all remained inside of me…

So maybe I did all of this to myself. I don’t know. But I had nowhere that I felt safe. I lost everything and everyone. I couldn’t ask for help. I couldn’t tell anyone. Hell, I didn’t even know what was wrong with me.

There were no interventions, no clinics, no place to get clean, to find help. I had no outward evidence that would have even made someone notice enough to intervene and help me.

I get that this was not my fault in my head, but not in my heart.

I suffered, I am facing the pain that is too great to face. It has been a living hell. I get it, I get them. But I don’t get that no one seems to be able to see or feel or hear that I have not suffered any less. My life has been a nightmare.

I believed this pain was going to kill me, that I was going to die without connection or love in my life, without any help at all, without any outward evidence of the pain I suffer. I knew that what I went through was not real to anyone. And this has made it excruciatingly hard for it to be real to me. These triggers and flashbacks only reinforce these feelings that I am still invisible.

So whenever I feel minimized, whether deliberate or unintentionally, it hurts like hell. My soul feels crushed. My soul feels as though it is in a vise. The pain is excruciating. My pain feels denied.

Just because no one can see my scars, just because I wear them well, doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered beyond measure. You can call it strength, you can call it courage, you can call it whatever you want, whatever you see or feel inside of me. But I will tell you one thing, nothing that you conclude even begins to compare to the level of suffering I have experienced… the feelings of abandonment, of loss, of exile, of not belonging, of being unloved.

I felt everything every one of them felt and numbed themselves from. I stayed behind, I stayed and felt every last ounce of anguish… I felt it… I felt it all. I didn’t have an escape other than to dissociate for many reasons. Reasons you will never know.

I don’t have the evidence you need, but make no mistake about it… I do have the scars. I am sorry you can’t see them or feel them. But please don’t dismiss them just because I was forced to stay in ways that have no visible evidence for you to see.

Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe suicide or addiction were not an option for me. Contemplate that one!

Even prisoners and those held captive and those beaten have evidence for you of their pain and anguish that no one questions. Evidence everyone else will tell me how awful it was for them. I GET IT! I do!

But just because I don’t have the evidence you need to relate to my pain, does not make it less. I have lived in despair and with a sense of being soul-crushingly alone that no human being should ever have to live with. I am sure all of those people who have suffered that have the evidence you need have felt this too. But you can believe them, support them, even defend them to ME!

I feel shame for the fact that these things cause me so many triggers and emotional flashbacks. I hate that they make me feel such tremendous pain and anguish. I hate that rage rises up inside of me. That I feel guilt for feeling my own pain. I don’t minimize anyone’s pain. I just don’t get why, why in God’s name does anyone not get my pain.

My trauma has never been validated. It has been spit on and laughed at. I don’t have the evidence all of you are looking for. It seems not even my words or my poetry are taken seriously at times. None of this is just words for me. Poetry is all that I have had… all the evidence I will ever have… and it seems even that is not enough!

I am sorry I don’t have more horror to tell you than the horror of the trauma itself, that that is not enough. Maybe that is what triggers me… the fact that the horror of the trauma I have suffered is not enough! Maybe my soul is crying out inside, “My God, it is not enough… it is not enough… it will never be enough!

* * *

And I don’t think I am alone in these feelings.


36 thoughts on “Please Try To Understand

  1. You are NOT alone in these feelings. You are absolutely not!!!
    What you have said IS enough.
    I understand.
    My heart feels for yours.
    I hate that you have flashbacks and triggers.
    I know them. I hate them myself. I wish for you and for me and for anyone who has them that they would just GO!
    I hear your words!!! And I feel your pain

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  2. Oh sweet Blue……. I am certain nothing I could conclude could even begin to compare to the level of suffering you have experienced. I don’t even try to compare. I just send warmth and love and hope in a virtual hug!

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  3. Blue, you wrote the exact words I could have, evidence or none, because even the evidence was ignored, laughed at, spat on. May I tweet this on @cptsdrecovery on Twitter? It will be a direct link to your blog site. Beautiful, powerful. I need you on my team, Blue, and all those who read our blogs. I’ve got plans to unite us. You and I and WE are not alone.

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  4. Powerful Blue. Your words, your pain, your memories are enough. Whatever someone has that is enough, nothing else should be needed. I read a post recently written anonymously about a rape. People at the gall in the comments section to ask for proof. Are you kidding me? Her memories are the proof..none else needed. So sorry you have felt so alone.

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    1. Yes, the trauma is enough! When it isn’t validated, and worse yet more cruelty and abuse were added, it pushes us over the edge. I realize just now as I am writing this, that every time I have even asked for help I was abused again. And it is all unprocessed… maybe this just has endless layers to it that are too painful to face. All I know is that the triggers and emotional flashbacks with this happen often… no wonder we isolate ourselves! Thank you for all of your kindness and support!

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    2. “your memories are the proof…” For the past to years all I have one is try to find my prrof that hat I am seeing in my head is true. This took my breath away…because no one has said to me…your memories are your proof. I just want that to absorb into my entire being and be ok with it. Hopefully someday. Thank you BrokenYetCherished. Thank you.

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  5. Oh I feel your pain and wish I could wave my magic wand! You are so very right, you shouldn’t need to have to show anything, I so totally agree! Your immense pain is more than enough! (((HUGS)))) and prayers my dear Blue!

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  6. I’ve had quite a similar experience to yours with no one seeing how bad my situation was. Exactly as you said, no evidence. In school, I had a councillor, but as soon as someone else came along who had a ‘real’ thing like parents getting divorced I was chucked out. When you are desperate and suicidal, that’s pretty bad. Your struggles are real, keep going and stay strong!

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  7. I understand where you’re coming from with this, and I’m so sorry that this has been your experience. Your pain, your trauma, isn’t less valid just because there are no outward “signs”. You matter. ❤

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  8. Mental suffering doesn’t necessarily manifest physically, but all the same, it is so cruel. Someone who has been near and dear to me has suffered as such. When the rumination starts, it’s like a washing machine on spin cycle – I don’t know how to stop it or even help. Yet we go on. I wish I knew how to help her and you, but I feel connected to both of you. It doesn’t seem like much but maybe by sharing, it can be diluted at least a bit. I hope so.

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    1. I am so sorry you have a friend who suffers like this. You must be learning a great deal with this kind of first hand exposure. Your analogy is so accurate. Sharing it certainly helps to release some of the grip it holds. I hope your friend has a good therapist that specializes in trauma. She is also very fortunate to have you in her life… probably far more than you will ever know. Thank you for sharing this and for all of your kindness! I appreciate you very much!

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  9. “There are many ways to numb the pain. One way is to dissociate. I lived years of my life doing that. I still do it today. I put it off too until I couldn’t any longer, until it finally had me. I get that the prolonging of our pain doesn’t make it better. I get that it actually makes it worse. I get it. I am living it. But this too has no evidence for me that you can see.”

    I live like this too. I had NO IDEA that I dissociated as much as I did until recently. I always thought I was insensitive to others when there was a crisis or emergency going on, I know now that my emotions were so intense because of my own trauma that I was so overwhelmed I had to dissociate and put the walls up to get through it myself. The parts of my life I have lost because of this is sometimes devastating to me. I’m so sorry that the lack of outward proof makes you feel further like you are not “enough.” I know this feeling as well. I am CONSTANTLY analyzing everything and looking for anything that proves my trauma. It’s exhausting and debilitating at times.

    I learned this week that just knowing our “not enoughs” gives us the power to overtake those shadows placed over us and remove them, allowing us to continue to move forward and take control of our lives and heal. I will email you the resource so you can check it out.

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    1. This was very painful to post. I think living your life feeling invisible, never having the trauma validated, being treated cruelly because of the trauma, and being made fun of for being sensitive all help to contribute to this being triggering. I think the most painful of all was trusting a therapist for several years and then being raped by him… well that was the epitome of having my trauma minimized. This alone is enough to create the emotional flashbacks.

      Thank you for all that you have shared. ♥️

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    1. You are welcome! I am glad I was able to articulate what I believe many, many women feel and can relate to. I am sorry that you can identify with this! I appreciate your kindness and for letting me know that you can relate. It is important that we don’t feel alone in this struggle. As women, we need to support one another. And, especially in our trauma, we need to not separate ourselves from each other through our diagnoses and treatments.

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