It Didn’t Take Long

It didn’t take long for my mind to fade away to an unknown place where hands don’t touch small bodies where little girls are safe It didn’t take long for my thoughts to disappear far away somewhere else somewhere safe where little girls [...]


Just because..

Because so many of us can relate!



Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I am not hurting inside

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say

Just because I’m soft spoken doesn’t mean I can’t roar with the fierceness of lions

Just because I’m coping doesn’t mean I don’t need help sometimes

Just because I’ve done brave things doesn’t mean that I don’t feel weak

Just because I’m healing doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered

Just because you are family doesn’t mean you deserve my love

Just because

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it’s not fair i’m so alone Silenced! why can’t i live and feel and believe too why can’t i be no one sees or hears the storm of anguish raging ever present deep inside of me it never leaves me never lets me go it seems so unreal and it is to everyone but [...]