To Answer The Question Why?

I have been reading articles and blogs for a very long time where people keep asking the question, “How can anyone [...]


Please Try To Understand

The following is not meant in any way to diminish anyone else or their experience. It is to validate mine. I wrote this to try to figure out the pain and anguish behind a constant trigger and emotional flashback that I experience. Triggers and emotional flashbacks are complicated. They are often [...]

I Wanted To Share Something With You

As you can tell from many of my recent posts, I have been trying to understand more fully Complex PTSD (CPTSD) and the ways in which it effects my life. From some comments I have received, many others are also trying to do the same. One thing worse than suffering with CPTSD, is having CPTSD and not knowing it! Understanding the diagnosis has made so much of [...]