Fear & Feelings: Effects of Complex PTSD

The above diagram is something my therapist drew for me in order to explain one way in which Complex PTSD is working inside of me. FEAR is in control And I have a war raging inside of me On one hand [...]


“12 Life Impacting Symptoms Complex PTSD Survivors Endure”

Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD are fairly new terms and not well understood by many professionals or by many who suffer with it. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, but didn’t fully understand all the ways in which it has impacted my life. I have lived my life with the effects of severe depression and Complex PTSD without a name for my suffering, until just recently. So I locked it all up inside. I didn’t understand or know what I was experiencing or why. So I hid it. I was afraid and I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. It has been a very frightening experience in so many ways. I felt shame for my internal struggle. I thought it was me! I knew there was something wrong with me, but I didn’t know why I struggled with all the internal turmoil. I often [...]

What Would I Do?

One evening last week my husband looked at me and said, “I have something I need to talk to you about. I have been meaning to for a while now. I know this is going to be difficult, but I need to talk to you about it.” I asked him what it was. He said, “I need to know [...]